Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Big Global Self

Thomas Huebl, a German Mystic I am studying with said yesterday that we are all becoming a global mind, that if we live in culture, we can't help but become it and become conscious of it. With the internet, smartphones, international customer service, blogs, international groups, we are in touch with people from somewhere else many times every day. As I logged onto my smart phone this AM, I realized, it's true. I'm on the net each day, even the silk painters organization I belong to has hundreds of active, contributing members in India, the middle east, Russia, Africa, Iceland. And they are sharing their experiences while sitting in their countries, painting and selling and having families and friends. He's right! We can't really pretend anymore its just us or just me, without really shutting down or resisting. And yes, I do get overwhelmed so easily and do shut down. And for me, with lots of family in Egypt, Hawaii, and friends from all over the globe that are now in America, too, I'm cooked in it. They bring all that culture, superstition, habit and worldview sweeping in with them at every conversation.

But what do you do with all that?
First I realized that I WANT to be global. I have always loved things exotic, people, art, smells, weather, all of the otherness that traveling and reading brings, not to mentions friends from everywhere. And in my art classes for Seniors with Dementia and Alzheimers, I'm really just going over another bridge, thirsty for what they see, feel, smell, experience from that realm. That doesn't scare me in the slightest. Then why does being engaged full time as a global being exhaust and frighten me?
Here's what I see. Feeling and experiencing what others see,etc, I often jump right out of my body--my boundaries are gone, and I'm IN their experience, lapping it up. And that scares my body, there is no one here with it. Second, a mental glitch says quietly in the background, who's right? What's true? If they see this and I see that, well, who's experience is truer? The great "compare-er" clicks in. And that scares my body even more.
So for me, it's not just the global experience, its all the mental baggage that goes with it. Having said that, I seeI have the desire to let it all flow in and out. See, feel experience it all. Don't compare, don't take it personally, keep an open mind. it is all here. This gigantic global self is evolving every nano-second. As a cell in a big body, I can only wonder at its awesome scale, stay curious.

Because I've seen that everything I want is "over there" on the engaged side of the gap, I might as well, just take it in. Keep watching. Keep processing.

What's your experience?


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